A-Z list

Movie by Director: Kon Ichikawa

Title Year
Hole in One
The Heart
Bridge of Japan
Mr. Pu
365 Nights
Ten Nights of Dreams
Topo Gigio and the Missile War
The Inugamis
The House of Hanging
Tokyo Olympiad
47 Ronin 1994
Noh Mask Murders
Fires on the Plain
Ten Black Women
Koto: The Ancient City
Lonely Heart
I Am a Cat
The Phoenix
The Burmese Harp 1956
Being Two Isn’t Easy
Queen Bee
Punishment Room
Island of Hell
Alone on the Pacific
Her Brother
Young People
The 8-Tomb Village
The Wanderers
Lullaby to Kill
The Makioka Sisters
Princess from the Moon
A Woman’s Testament
The Broken Commandments
An Actor’s Revenge