A-Z list

Movie by director: Seijun Suzuki



Capone Cries a Lot
Inn of the Floating Weeds
Million Dollar Smash-and-Grab
Victory is Ours
Pure Emotions of the Sea
Youth of the Beast
Underworld Beauty
Tokyo Knights
The Sleeping Beast Within
The Man with a Shotgun
The Incorrigible
Teenage Yakuza
Tattooed Life
Smashing the 0-Line
Gate of Flesh
A Mummy’s Love
Kazoku no sentaku
Fighting Delinquents
The Fang in the Hole
Eight Hours of Terror
Carmen from Kawachi
Born Under Crossed Stars
A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness
Story of a Prostitute
Voice Without a Shadow
The Boy Who Came Back
The Call of Blood
The Flower and the Angry Waves
Princess Raccoon
Take Aim at the Police Van
Fighting Elegy
Age of Nudity
Pistol Opera
Tokyo Drifter
Branded to Kill
Good Evening, Dear Husband: A Duel
The Madness of Youth
Living by Karate
Kanto Wanderer
Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell, Bastards!