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Gate of Flesh

Gate of Flesh


90 min

Country: Japan

Director: Masami KuzûSeijun Suzuki

Actors: Chico LourantEimei EsumiIsao TamagawaJô ShishidoKayo MatsuoKôji WadaMisako TominagaSatoko KasaiTamiko IshiiYumiko Nogawa

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

3.95/ 5 2 votes
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Movie plot

In the shady black markets and bombed-out hovels of post–World War II Tokyo, a tough band of prostitutes eke out a dog-eat-dog existence, maintaining tenuous friendships and a semblance of order in a world of chaos. But when a renegade ex-soldier stumbles into their midst, lusts and loyalties clash, with tragic results. With Gate of Flesh, visionary director Seijun Suzuki delivers a whirlwind of social critique and pulp drama, shot through with brilliant colors and raw emotions.

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