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Enchanted Princess

Enchanted Princess (1959)


84 min

Country: Japan

Director: Keigo Kimura

Actors: Atsuko KindaichiAyako WakaoGanjirô NakamuraIchirô SugaiMieko KondôRaizô IchikawaShintarô KatsuTamao NakamuraTazuko NikiYoshie Mizutani

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Music

Subtitle: No Subtitle

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Movie plot

Once upon a time, Okuro(Ayako Wakao), a young female racoon, lived poorly with her drunken father. One day after they’d disguised themselves as parasols, they were wrongly brought to the Racoon Palace, where the young racoon princess (also Ayako Wakao) made a mess around her arranged marriage with the beautiful racoon prince (Raizô Ichikawa). Pretty princess ran away. In order not to spoil the promising marriage, people tried to make use of resemblances between Okuro and the princess. Before long, Okuro and the Prince fell in love with each other…

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