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Flora on the Sand

Flora on the Sand (1964)


95 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kimiyoshi SogaKô Nakahira

Actors: Hisako YoshinoKaori TaniguchiKazuko InanoKikuyo SudaKimiko FukudaMakiko AoiMasaya TakahashiMieko NishioNoboru NakayaTeruko Kishi

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

One evening, at the Marine Tower observatory, cosmetics salesman Ichiro Iki is drawn into conversation with an unfamiliar young lady Akiko. She invites Ichiro back to a hotel where they make love but part without even exchanging names. A week later, they have a second chance encounter at the observatory. This time, Ichiro is the one who pursues her. Back at the hotel, Akiko begs Ichiro to give her sister – Kyoko, a bar hostess – absolute hell. Akiko resents her sister for lecturing on chastity, while wantonly indulging in promiscuous activity. Ichiro takes an interest in Kyoko and sets out towards her bar…

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