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Garden of the Wind

Garden of the Wind (2008)


57 mins

Now showing: 11/11

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Country: Japan

Director: Rieko Miyamoto

Actors: Eri IshidaGuts IshimatsuHiroshi FuseJunkichi Orimoto…Ken OgataKiichi NakaiMasahiro KoumotoMeisa KurokiRyunosuke KamikiSei Hiraizumi

Genres: Drama, Family

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

The lead, Dr. Sadami Shiratori worked in the operating room at a famous Tokyo hospital was around death on a daily basis. His own father, Teizo Shiratori is also a doctor, called Grandfather as he raised the estranged children of his wayward son, he practiced medicine in a small town on Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern island. His practice was limited only to terminal patients…in their own homes. He cared for them and helped both them and their families prepare for the ‘final journey’.

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