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Ginpei From Koina: Migratory Bird of Winter

Ginpei From Koina: Migratory Bird of Winter (1983)

91 mins

Country: Japan

Director: Yuichi Harada

Actors: Hashizô ÔkawaHomasa KomatsuJunkichi Orimoto…Masami KondoRyôko SakaguchiRyûji KatagiriTokie Sada

Genres: Action, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Shimoda, Izu, the venerable Amimoto Onabe family is repeatedly harassed by the upstart Hotate family, who targeted their fishing grounds. Ginpei, the head of the Onabe family, is in love with Oichi, the only daughter of Gohei, the adviser. Ginpei is told that he plans to have her marry Unokichi. Finally, the Onabe family and the Hotate family get into a fight, and Ginpei kills Tajiro, the hotate family’s proxy. Ginpei leaves Oichi in Unokichi’s care and sets off on a treacherous journey. Five years later, while traveling, Ginpei learns that the boss of the Onabe family has died and that the Hotate family is in trouble… Ginpei then returns to Shimoda.

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