A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Hashizô Ôkawa



20 Duels of Young Shingo – Part 2
20 Duels of Young Shingo – Part 1
Mark of Blood
Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 1 and 2
Ginpei From Koina: Migratory Bird of Winter
The Lost Public Funds
Fighting Disposition
The Red Shadow
Shingo’s Final Duel
Shingo’s Challenge 3
Echo in the Mountains
An Actor’s Revenge 1959
The Messenger
Scramble for Fortune
Falcon Magistrate
The Seven Vows
The Shogun’s Guard: Valor in Turbulence
Law in Ghost Island
Blooded Spear
Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 4
Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 3
Drenched Swallow Gonpachi
A Young Warrior on Mount Fuji
The Pirates
The Phantom Goblin
Good Rascals
Secret of The Golden Spell
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman
Sanguine Battle
Road of Chivalry
A Chivalrous Spirit
The 47 Masterless Samurai
No Stronger Swords
Lord Mito
The Shogun’s Vault
Case of a Young Lord 9: Black Camellia
Case of a Young Lord 8
Case of a Young Lord 7: Red Crane House
Case of a Young Lord 4: Bridal Robe in Blood
Case of a Young Lord 1
Tragedy of the Coolie Samurai
Edo Purebreed
Tokaido Fullhouse
Seven from Edo
A Warrior’s Flute
Shimizu Port of Chivalry
Bored Hatamoto: Idle Vassal Tribute
Warrior of the Wind
Genghis Khan and His Mongols
Castle of Flames
Cruel Story of the Shogunate’s Downfall
The Ako Retainers
The Christian Revolt
Vanquished Foes
The Mad Fox
Giant Rumble