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Golden Peacock Castle

Golden Peacock Castle (1961)

新諸国物語 黄金孔雀城

220 min

Country: Japan

Director: Shoji Matsumura

Actors: Chôichirô KawarasakiHiroko YoshikawaKôtarô SatomiShingo YamashiroTotsuben Sawamura

Genres: Fantasy, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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  • Part 01 aka Ôgon Kujaku-jô
  • Part 02 aka Ôgon Kujaku-jô Dai ni-bu
  • Part 03 aka Ôgon Kujaku-jô Dai san-bu
  • Part 04 aka Ôgon Kujaku-jô Kanketsu-hen
Movie plot

A group of pirates led by the evil Gondaiyu and his wizard, Genkuro, capture the Golden Peacock Castle and massacre the peaceful clan that lives there. The few survivors that manage to escape plot their revenge and wait for the timing to be right for an attack. The struggles of the Golden Peacock Clan continue as they seek to reclaim their home and prevent the evil Gondaiyu from taking their most prized treasures.

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