A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Kôtarô Satomi



Kanei Chronicles
The Domain: The Naniwa Story
Human Torpedoes
Seventeen Ninja
The Shogun’s Guard: Valor in Turbulence
Shadow Over Fuji
A Young Rabble 2
A Young Rabble
Souls in the Moonlight II
Bakeneko: A Vengeful Spirit
Detective Hibari 4: Paper Crane Palanquin
Case of the Hidden Coin
Secret of the Golden Coin
Noble Tasuke
Good Rascals
Edo Girl Detective
Red Peony Gambler: Biographies of a Gambling Room
Goryokaku: The Last Battle
Gentle Breeze
Lord Mito 1978
Tange Sazen: Mystery of the Twin Dragons
Sanguine Battle
Restoration Fire
Road of Chivalry
Group Burglars Break the Magistrate’s Office
The Abandoned Swords
A Spectacular Showdown
Drunken Sword
Case of Umon: Hell’s Windmill
Case of Umon: The Red Lizard
Case of Umon: One-eyed Wolf
Ishimatsu: the One-Eyed Avenger
Bored Hatamoto: Ninja Assassins
Bored Hatamoto: The Mysterious Cape
Tales of Young Genji Kuro 2
Lucky Adventurer Oda Nobunaga
Code Between Brothers 2
The Third Ninja
The Kingdom of Jirocho 4
The Kingdom of Jirocho 3
The Thirteen Assassins
The Great Duel
Eleven Samurai
Tabaruzaka: Saigo Takamori – The Real Last Samurai
Yagyu Chronicles 3: The Valley of Outlaws
A Chorus of Angels
Enlisted Yakuza