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Gun Crazy: Episode 1: A Woman from Nowhere

Gun Crazy: Episode 1: A Woman from Nowhere (2002)


70 min

Country: Japan

Director: Atsushi Muroga

Actors: Kenny ScottRyoko YonekuraRyûji YamamotoShingo TsurumiShun SugataTakashi UkajiTakeshi Yamato

Genres: Action, Thriller

Subtitle: English

3.45/ 5 2 votes
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Movie plot

Gun Crazy: Episode 1: A Woman from Nowhere .Crime lord Tojo rules the sleepy town of Tsuson. The police are out of commission, and the U.S. Military caters to more than just their own national security. Into this forgotten landscape rides Saki, a woman who won’t reveal her past, seeking the enormous price on Tojo’s head that has made the graveyards of Tsuson a dumping ground for bounty hunters. Enlisting the help of local mechanic Akira, Saki looks to shake things up. When a plot to steal two million American dollars reveals itself, she seizes the opportunity to gain the upper hand in this dangerous game of cat and mouse fueled by more than just profit. Only one question remains… Will Tojo take the bait?

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