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Hell’s Revenge

Hell’s Revenge (1979)


71 min

Country: Japan

Director: Masao AsadaNoboru Tanaka

Actors: Erina MiyaiKenji KasaiMayuko HinoMinako MizushimaMoeko EzawaRyuichi NagashimaShinshô NakamaruYudai Ishiyama

Genres: Thriller

Subtitle: No Subtitle

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Movie plot

Kenzo, Azusa’s husband, has a heart condition but his passion for sex has not diminished one iota from the time he was still a virile, young man. Azusa does not refuse her husband for he is a money bag and if he should die of excess sex, she will come into a vast fortune. If only Azusa could kill him without staining her own hands… Unable to do it alone, she asks the aid of Naoya who is only too glad to help.

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