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Housewife Punishment: Triple Torture

Housewife Punishment: Triple Torture (1992)

人間拷問 三段責め

58 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hisayasu SatôShinji Imaoka

Actors: Kôichi ImaizumiKyôko NakamuraMineo SugiuraRio SerizawaYuri HimeYutaka Ikejima

Genres: Drama, Pinku

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Housewife Punishment: Triple Torture | Although its title indicates three personalities, the heroine of cult filmmaker Hisayasu Sato’s downbeat multiple-personality tale actually exhibits four, going from loving wife to crazed slut to insane child to depressed adolescent. As usual, Sato fills the film with alienation, kinky sex, and psychological subplots.

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