A-Z list

Movie by Director: Hisayasu Satô

Title Year
Housewife Punishment: Triple Torture
Lolita Vibrator Torture
In a Thicket
Uniform Virgin: The Prey
Horse, Woman, Dog
Meet Me in the Dream: Wonderland
Turtle Vision
The Fetist
The Bedroom
Lesbian Rape: Sweet Honey Juice
Subway Serial Rape
Soft Skin
Rampo Noir
Pleasure Kill
Pleasure Masturbation: New Wife Version
Office Lady Rape: Devouring the Giant Tits
Pervert Ward: Torturing the White Uniform
Neigh Means Yes
Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano
Hunters’ Sense of Touch
Survey Map of a Paradise Lost
Kyrie Eleison
Love − Zero = Infinity
Bondage Ecstasy
Celluloid Nightmares
Night of Body’s Model
Brain Sex
Office Lady Rape: Disgrace!
Love Obsession
Hana-Dama: Phantom
Wife Collector
The Gods Have a Nervous Breakdown
Rape Climax!
Psychic Rose
Exciting Eros: Hot Skin
Pervert Ward: S&M Clinic
Mania: House of Cards
Splatter: Naked Blood
Sexy Timetrip Ninjas
Wife in Mourning: Pubic-Shaved Rope Slave
Cute Devil
Molester’s Train: Dirty Behavior
Temptation of the Mask