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Kaitô Ruby Trailer

Kaitô Ruby (1988)


96 min

Country: Japan

Director: Makoto Wada

Actors: Akira NagoyaHiroko IsayamaHiroyuki SanadaKumi MizunoKyoko KoizumiManami FujiMasumi OkadaNana KinomiTaisaku AkinoTakanori Jinnai

Genres: Romance

Subtitle: English

3.66/ 5 4 votes
Movie plot

Toru Hayashi lives alone with his mother. He is a Young salaryman whose life is a staggering commonplace, his life is always stuck at one place until a pretty young woman moves into the apartment upstairs. Rumi Kato, charming and smart, quickly sympathizes with Tooru. One day, she confesses that she is a professional burglar and asked him to join her. But what Rumi did not know is that besides being a chronic bewildered, Tooru is the most awkward of men…

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