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Kidnapping Blues Trailer

Kidnapping Blues (1982)


94 min

Country: Japan

Director: Shinpei Asai

Actors: Chin NaitôHideo Murota…Hôsei KomatsuJinpachi NezuJûzô ItamiKaori MomoiKihachi OkamotoNobuko MiyamotoTakuzô KawataniYumiko Fujita

Genres: Crime, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

A man and a little girl meet in a bicycle parking in Tokyo. The little girl says she wants to watch the sea, and their travel begins. The man has no conscience of being a kidnapper. He asks the girl to phone her mother and tell her she’s with him. During their trip they will meet various people. But they always have to go further, or the man would to get arrested…

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