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Last Letter Trailer

Last Letter


115 min

Country: ChinaHong KongJapan

Director: Shunji Iwai

Actors: Bian TianyangDeng EnxiDu JiangHu GeQin HaoQiu ShuokangTan ZhuoWu YanshuZhang ZifengZhou Xun

Genres: Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

All Yuan Zhinan has left behind when she passed away is a letter and an invitation to a school reunion. Attending the reunion in lieu of her late elder sister, Zhihua accidentally runs into Yin Chuan, on whom she had a crush in her youth. As old memories are evoked, and correspondences travel through different contexts and times, Zhihua slowly uncovers the intricate story of the trio.

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