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Lefty Fencer Trailer

Lefty Fencer

女左膳 濡れ燕片手斬り

76 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kimiyoshi Yasuda

Actors: Asao KoikeHôsei KomatsuIsamu NagatoKayo Mikimoto…Kôjirô HongôMichiyo OokusuNatsuko OkaSaburô DateSônosuke SawamuraTakashi Kanda

Genres: Action, Drama, History, Romance

Subtitle: English

4.45/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

As a child, Okin the one-armed one-eyed swordswoman was disfigured by Lord Daizen-dayu, who was after her family’s most treasured possession, the famed Drenched Swallow sword. As an adult, she has become a skilled swordswoman and lives a carefree life with her adopted family. One day, Okin saves a girl from a group of yakuza, and in doing so, gets involved in a grand conspiracy involving religious leaders, government officials, the yakuza and Lord Daizen-dayu, the man who killed her father and mutilated her body…

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