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Listen to the Voices of the Sea

Listen to the Voices of the Sea (1950)

日本戦歿学生の手記 きけ、わだつみの声

109 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hideo SekigawaRyosuke NagashioTadahiro OzawaYasutaro Yagi

Actors: Akitake Kôno…Hajime IzuHaruko SugimuraKinzô ShinKôichi HayashiKyosuke TsukiYasumi HaraYôichi NumataYukichi KamishiroYuriko Hanabusa

Genres: Drama, War

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Listen to the Voices of the Sea | This film is strongly anti-war film. The film is based on the collection of writings by Japanese student soldiers who died during World War II. The film is located to Burma. It shows the everyday problems of soldiers in contrast of their ideas and the cynicism of their commanders. Soldiers are also victims of military bullying by their commanders.

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