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Miyamoto Musashi VI: Swords of Death

Miyamoto Musashi VI: Swords of Death


75 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tomu Uchida

Actors: Kinnosuke NakamuraRentarô Mikuni

Genres: Drama, History

Subtitle: English

2.96/ 5 7 votes
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Movie plot

In the sixth and final episode Rentaro Mikuni steals the show as Baiken Shishido, Musashi’s nemesis. Mikuni is the nominal villain of the film, but he is a devoted husband and father as well. He tries to kill Musashi only to avenge the death of his brother-in-law. While Baiken (who wields a chain and sickle against Musashi’s sword) is a very human character and the emotions that Mikuni displays in his performance are quite believable and engaging

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