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Mother Country

Mother Country (1962)


127 min

Country: Japan

Director: Zenzô Matsuyama

Actors: Akira IshihamaHideko TakamineKôji MitsuiMasao ShimizuMickey CurtisMiyuki KuwanoTakahiro TamuraTamotsu HayakawaYoshi KatôYoshiko Kuga

Genres: Drama, War

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

In 1919, a group of Japanese immigrants arrives in Hawaii. Among them Yoshio Inoue and his wife Kishimo and Sumi, a young woman ready to get married soon. With the soil that is hard to work and the subtroipical climate, the immigrants have to cope with a hard life. But after years of hard work, Yoshio finds work as a teacher while his wife manages to open a small grocery store. But with the war around the corner, life becomes more and more complicated for the Japanese immigrants in a foreign country.

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