A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Hideko Takamine



Mother Country
Wild Geese
365 Nights
A Descendant of Urashima Taro
Song of the Flower Basket
The New Road: Akemi
Onna keizu
Home Sweet Home
Somewhere Beneath the Wide Sky
Three Women of the North
Where Chimneys Are Seen
Untamed Woman
A Woman’s Life
Moment of Terror
Hideko the Bus Conductress
Happiness of Us Alone
Immortal Love
The Other Woman
A Wanderer’s Notebook
The Tattered Wings
Times of Joy and Sorrow
Three Women Around Yoshinaka
The Garden of Women
The Wiser Age
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs
The Rickshaw Man
Danger Stalks Near
Ballad of a Workman
The River Fuefuki
Daughters, Wives and a Mother
Carmen Comes Home
Carmen’s Innocent Love
Composition Class
Floating Clouds
Oh, My Son!
The Munekata Sisters
Tokyo Chorus
Devil’s Temple
The Wife of Seishu Hanaoka
A Wife’s Heart
Sasaki Kojiro 1950
Twenty-Four Eyes