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Neo Chinpira 2: Zoom Goes the Bullet

Neo Chinpira 2: Zoom Goes the Bullet (1991)

ネオ チンピラ 続 鉄砲玉ぴゅ~

93 min

Country: Japan

Director: Banmei Takahashi

Actors: Chikako AoyamaKenji TakaokaKôji ShimizuRen OsugiRikiya YasuokaShiori SakuraShirô ShimomotoShow AikawaTatsuo YamadaYukino Tobita

Genres: Crime, Drama

Subtitle: English

3.5/ 5 2 votes
Movie plot

In the sequel to 1990’s classic Neo Chinpira, Junko (Sho Aikawa) attempts to take out Kazama and then goes on the run. However, he quickly begins to feel homesick, and returns home to find that almost everything has changed. Noriko is now a bar mama with a lavish lifestyle, Yumeko is nowhere to be found, and his boss (Toru Minegishi) seems to have sinister plans involving Junko and his uncle (Jo Shishido).

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