A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Shirô Shimomoto



Attacked Female Teacher
Black Hair Velvet Soul
Killing Angel Muhan
The ryôjoku
S&M Hunter
The Cold-Blooded Trap
Blue Sky
Subway Serial Rape
Love − Zero = Infinity
The Outer Way
Woman in the Rumor: Sleep with Me Until Morning
Uncle’s Paradise
Extracurricular Activity: Rape!
Women in Heat Behind Bars
The Man Who Came To Kill
Tokyo X Erotica
Anarchy in Japansuke
High Noon Ripper
Serpent’s Path
The Dream of Garuda
Women Prison: The Lynching
The Japanese Tie Up
Bondage Show
Neo Chinpira: Zoom Goes the Bullet
Crazy Lips
Neo Chinpira 2: Zoom Goes the Bullet
Wolf: Running Is Sex
The Girl and the Wooden Horse Torture
Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself: The Gamble
Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself!! The Escape
Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself!! The Heist
Serial Rape of 15 Women
Serial Rapist
Abnormal Family