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Ohyaku: The Female Demon

Ohyaku: The Female Demon

妖艶毒婦伝 般若のお百

90 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yoshihiro Ishikawa

Actors: Gannosuke AshiyaHôsei KomatsuJunko MiyazonoKeiko TsushimaKinji NakamuraKôji NanbaraKôji SekiyamaKunio MuraiTomisaburô WakayamaYuriko Mishima

Genres: Action, Drama

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Ohyaku is a grifter who falls in love with a thief, who recruits her for his plan to rob a shipment of government gold. When this plan goes wrong and Ohyaku ends up in prison, she resolves to do anything to escape and claim revenge on the ones who betrayed her and her lover.

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