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Retaliation (1968)


94 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yasuharu HasebeYukihiko Kondo

Actors: Akira KobayashiEiji GôHideaki NitaniJirô OkazakiJô ShishidoMeiko KajiRyôji HayamaShôki FukaeTamio KawachiTatsuya Fuji

Genres: Action, Crime

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Two years before they collaborated on the immortal Stray Cat Rock series, director Yasuharu Hasebe and soon-to-be-superstar Meiko Kaji teamed up for this potent gangster flick that also stars the great Joe Shishido (Branded to Kill) and Akira Kobayashi, who would shortly thereafter star in Kinji Fukasaku’s epic yakuza series Battles Without Honor and Humanity. Emerging from a stint in prison, yakuza lieutenant Sumukawa (Kobayashi) discovers that his gang has disintegrated while he was in the pen. An ambitious type, he quickly hooks up with another gang (led by Shishido) who promise him a prominent position if he helps them deal with a rival family. But bonds are made to be broken, and pledges of loyalty soon give way to competition, betrayal and — naturally — retaliation. Tough, cynical and violent, Retaliation cheerfully overturns romanticized notions of underworld honour, paving the way for Fukusaku’s revisionist yakuza pictures of the 1970s.

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