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Taikoki – The Saga of Hideyoshi

Taikoki – The Saga of Hideyoshi (1958)


102 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tatsuo Ôsone

Actors: Isuzu YamadaJûshirô KonoeKôkichi TakadaManami FujiMichiko SagaMiki MoriYataro Kitakami

Genres: Drama, History

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Taikoki – The Saga of Hideyoshi. From birth Hideyoshi was a restless, defiant spirit–a child of the poorest of the poor. Cast out of his peasant cottage, he would live by his wits, driven by his burning ambition to become a samurai and to find a warlord worth pledging his sword to. This is the story of his rise, and the thunderous battle he pinned his hopes on. The challenge that had already ruined and bloodied the armies of higher-ranking samurai than Hiyoshi. The battle that brought him rank, fame and fortune and transformed him into Hashiba Hideyoshi, right-hand man to the ruthless Lord Oda Nobunaga, and would drive him on to conquer Japan.

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