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The Black Gambler Trailer

The Black Gambler


86 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kô Nakahira

Actors: Akira KobayashiAsao KoikeKeaton MasudaManami FujiMasaya TakahashiMichiyo Yokoyama

Genres: Crime

Subtitle: English

4.35/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

Place your bets! Koji Himuro (Akira Kobayashi) is a makeout artist with unparalleled gambling skills. Shortly after his return to Tokyo, he is invited to attend a reception being held at the Suvenian Embassy of Tokyo. This “reception” was an undercover gambling operation that was run by an international gambling syndicate. Up against a cardsharp by the name of Inumaru and his mistress Reiko, Koji plays a flawless game of Seven Bridge. Outraged by his loss, Inumaru orders Reiko to stalk Koji like a shadow.

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