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The Dish Mansion at Hell’s Banchō

The Dish Mansion at Hell’s Banchō (1981)

Banchō Sarayashiki

91 mins

Country: Japan

Director: Yuichi Harada

Actors: Chinpei HayashiyaEiko NagashimaMasakazu TamuraNagisa KatahiraRokkō TouraTakashi KandaTakashi Sue

Genres: Action, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Strange events are occurring at the residence of the Aoyama family, led by high-ranking samurai Aoyama Harima. About three months prior, Harima was requested by his uncle, Aoyama Shujin and the senior official Doi Shukei to show them their family heirloom… a red painted Goryeo dish, presented to them by the Shogunate. However, the dish was found broken upon arrival, causing the blame to fall on Harima’s attendant Okiku, who was then punished severely. Later on, a new order is given by the shogunate to present the dish to an imperial envoy. Feeling responsible for Okiku’s death and tormented by guilt, Harima contemplates committing harakiri. However, he is stopped by a female attendant named Oyuki, who persuades him to reconsider. Who broke the plates? Was it Harima, seeking revenge, or O-Kiku’s vengeful spirit, haunting the household and threatening its members? As mysterious deaths plague the servants and the truth behind the tragic romance is slowly uncovered, Harima’s wrathful sword must clash with the forces of evil. With the help of O-Kiku’s restless spirit, justice will prevail in this supernatural tale of love, intrigue, and revenge.

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