A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Masakazu Tamura

Title Year
The Silent Sword: Loyalty and Honor
Fateful Mountain Pass
A Samurai’s Sorrow
Naked Ambition
The Dish Mansion at Hell’s Banchō
Nemuri Kyōshirō: Full Moon Killing
Deadly Swords in Search of Hidden Gold
Lieutenant Ninzaburo Furuhata
This Year’s Love
Nemuri Kyōshirō: The Final
Sleepy Eyes Of Death 14: Fylfot Swordplay
Nemuri Kyoshiro 4: The Woman Who Loved Kyoshiro
The Fixer
Lone Wolf and Cub: The Final Conflict
Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701’s Grudge Song
Island of Horrors
Black Rose Mansion
An Ode to Yakuza
Love for an Idiot
A Samurai’s Sorrow
Immortal Love
Samurai Banners