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The Fearless Avenger

The Fearless Avenger (1972)

無宿人御子神の丈吉 川風に過去は流れた

80 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kazuo Ikehiro

Actors: Akifumi InoueAkio HasegawaAtsuo NakamuraEtsuko IchiharaKantaro SugaRyôko NakanoTaketoshi NaitôTôru AbeTôru MinegishiYoshio Harada

Genres: Action

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Thirsting for revenge, Jokichi rashly attempts to assassinate the evil Chogoro but ends up being captured by Yakuza. His life is spared by Boss Juzaburo, in order that the harmony of an important commemoration not be further disturbed. Though now even more of an outcast, Jokichi is asked by another Yakuza boss, Umezo, to guard Oyuki, the wayward daughter of Juzaburo. The tragic consequences of this assignment will lead him into a deadly trap and a final confrontation with Chogoro.

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