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The Last Ronin

The Last Ronin (2010)


133 min

Country: Japan

Director: Shigemichi Sugita

Actors: Jun FubukiKoichi SatoKôji YakushoKoji YamamotoKunie TanakaMasato IbuNanami SakurabaNarumi YasudaSeizô FukumotoYoshi Oida

Genres: Drama, History

Subtitle: English

4.63/ 5 3 votes
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Movie plot

16 years after the fateful “revenge of the Forty-seven Ronin,” involving samurais from the Ako domain who avenged their leader and then commited seppuku (ritual suicide), the sole survivor of that incident, Kichiemon Terasaka (Koichi Sato) traverses the country on a mission. His purpose is to find the families of the fallen samurais and spread the truth of the ronin uprising.

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