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The Legend of Zipang

The Legend of Zipang


119 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kaizô Hayashi

Actors: Chiyonosuke AzumaHaruko WanibuchiMasahiro TakashimaMikijirô HiraNarumi Yasuda

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

Subtitle: English

1.75/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

Veteran director Kaizo Hayashi made this post-modern samurai action adventure saga. The film centers on Jigoku-gokuraku-maru (Masahiro Takashima), a samurai on the lam. One bounty hunter hoping to collect the sizeable reward is Teppo Oyuri (Narumi Yasuda), a comely lass who is an ace shot with her pearl-laden pistol. Before she can set her sights on Jigoku-gokuraku-maru, he is attacked by a hoard of sword-wielding thugs also hoping to collect the reward. He dispatches them with bloody aplomb. Later, Jigoku-gokuraku- maru and Teppo Oyuri — who has fallen for the master swordsman in spite of herself — ventures to Zipingu — the Land of Gold — in search of a magical gold sword.

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