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The Lost Alibi

The Lost Alibi (1960)

黒い画集 あるサラリーマンの証言

95 min

Country: Japan

Director: Hiromichi Horikawa

Actors: Akihiko HirataChieko NakakitaChisako HaraKeiju KobayashiKen MitsudaKô NishimuraMasao OdaNobuo NakamuraTakamaru SasakiTatsuyoshi Ehara

Genres: Thriller

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Movie plot

Suspense drama about a married salaryman (Kobayashi) whose affair with one of his co-workers (Hara) is compromised when, returning from a clandestine meeting with his lover, he runs into a neighbor who is later accused of murder. Questioned by police about the neighbor, and blackmailed by his lover’s neighbor, the salaryman’s lies lead him on a path to destruction.

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