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The Messenger

The Messenger

Shiranui kozo Hyobanki Naruto Hikyaku

87 mins

Country: Japan

Director: Kinnosuke Fukada

Actors: Akitake Kôno…Denjirô ÔkôchiHashizô ÔkawaHiromi HanazonoKensaku Hara

Genres: Action, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Sinza who is secretly the well known “Sea Glow Burglar”, gives to the poor the money he takes from the bad lords and greedy merchants, who live just to exploit the poor for their small coins. On his travel he meets a man and his little girl Onatsu. The man gets ambushed and killed in front of his daughter, so Sinza promises the man he will take his daughter safely to their destination, so the little girl is now his responsibility. The kind, non-violent Sinza now finds himself entangled in something far bigger than he expected.

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