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The Secret 18th Group

The Secret 18th Group (1996)

Shogun no Onmitsu! Kage Juhachi

44 Mins Ep

Now showing: E19 End

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Country: Japan

Director: Shinichirô SawaiTôru Murakawa

Actors: and Gorō MutsumiBengalHiroshi ArikawaHiroshi MiyauchiKei TaguchiKen NishidaKen'ichi EndôKenta SatoiKôtarô SatomiKunihiko Mitamura

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

 The Secret 18th Group aka Shōgun no Onmitsu! Kage Jūhachi aka The 18 Shadows aka Shogun of Covert Kageju Eight! | During the Edo period, the eighth Tokugawa shōgun, Yoshimune, officially had 17 families of oniwaban, his private ninja guards. They were known as “the secret 18th group.” Months after Yoshimune’s death, his fourth son, Hitotsubashi, asks Kane Ametaro, a hairdresser, to put the group back together. The other members of the secret 18th group include Miki, a doctor; Otojirō, a chef; and Inokichi, an acrobat. The group members have their doubts and internal conflicts about how to live their lives as “secret agents,” but when various injustices occur in Edo… they have no other option but to unite and begin clearing the darkness together.

Episodes name:

01-Evil Judgement – The Woman Awaiting Her Bridal Make-Up
02-Watching the Sad Woman in Light Make-Up
03-The Little Witness and the Mystery of the Walking Corpse
04-Deadly Blade Make-Up and Revenge of a Woman
05-Proving the Innocence of Love That Fell Into the Trap
06-The Woman Who Erased Her Past
07-Inside the Palace of Edo, the Twisted Love of a Mother
08-Absent Love Between Siblings
09-The Funeral Woman the Evil Organization’s Come Back
10-Women’s Theater of Swords – Yumenojo Kikamura
11-The Flower of Vice, the Betrayal of the Promise
12-Wife Murderer – The Cursed Fugitive
13-Lost Path – The Extorted Wife
14-Lies – The Pleasure of a Lover
15-Evil – The Son without Parents and the Mother without Children
16-Kidnapping – The Woman Who is Afraid of Fire
17-Cold Blooded Woman Unmasks the Killer
18-Separated Partners – Love Song for a Fugitive’s Wife
19-Female Tenacity – Dark Judgement for Bribery

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