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Three Outlaw Samurai vol 1

Three Outlaw Samurai vol 1 (1970)

Shin Sanbiki no Samurai

1hr 35min

Now showing: 2

Latest episode: 02-The Beasts Will Die At 3 PM01-When a Man Draws His Sword

Country: Japan

Director: Hideo Gosha

Actors: Gen TakamoriHiroko KikuIsamu NagatoNoboru Andô

Genres: Action, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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  • 01-When a Man Draws His Sword
  • 02-The Beasts Will Die At 3 PM

This series was created from Three Outlaw Samurai, the film that gave director Hideo Gosha a rise to fame, with all new cast except Isamu Nagato. Only two episodes are available so far.

Movie plot

The realistic combat choreography and the outlaw-type personalities as main characters are considered to have influenced later period dramas such as “Kogarashi Monjiro.” Sakura Kyojuro is a spear master, Nagare Ukon is an Iai master, and Kaede Genzaburo is a master of double swords. The three ronin with exceptional fighting skills wander from region to region, crushes the evil that plagues the world and save the helpless.

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