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Tora-San 13 – Tora-San’s Lovesick Trailer

Tora-San 13 – Tora-San’s Lovesick (1974)

Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajiro koiyatsure

104 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yôji Yamada

Actors: Chieko BaishôChieko MisakiChishû RyûGin MaedaHisao Dazai…Kiyoshi AtsumiSayuri YoshinagaSeiji MiyaguchiTatsuo Matsumura…Toshie Takada

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Subtitle: English

4.25/ 5 6 votes
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Movie plot

Tora-san thought that single parent Okinu would marry him. However, the father of her son comes back to reunite with his family all of a sudden, which leaves the lonely Tora-san to another heartbreak again… On his way, he meets Utako again. Two years ago, Utako married a young artist and moved to Tsuwano. Now, her husband died and she stays at his home. Utako wants to come back to Tokyo to find a job, but she was afraid that her father would oppose to the idea, until Tora-san appears and changed her mind.

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