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Tora-San 25 – Tora’s Tropical Fever Trailer

Tora-San 25 – Tora’s Tropical Fever (1980)

Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajiro haibisukasu no hana

104 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yôji Yamada

Actors: Chieko BaishôChieko MisakiChishû RyûGin MaedaHayato Nakamura…Hisao Dazai…Jun EtôKiyoshi AtsumiMasami ShimojôRuriko Asaoka

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Upon receipt of a letter from Lily telling Tora that she would like to see him before she dies, Tora rushes to Okinawa, where Lily has fainted during one of her performances. Although five years have passed since they parted, the former couple continues to care about each other, and Tora nurses Lily to health.

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