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Travels of Gonkuro

Travels of Gonkuro

Gonkuro Tabi Nikki

91 mins

Country: Japan

Director: Eiichi Kudô

Actors: Haruki AkagiIto YueiKyôko AoyamaMasahiko TanimuraUtaemon Ichikawa

Genres: Action, Drama, Jidaigeki

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Sugimoto Gonkuro is traveling along from Tosa to Edo 255 miles away, however, on his journey he will meet both bad and good people. He’s kind and happy, and very generous but very skilled as a samurai. As Gonkuro rest at a local tea shop he quickly discovers at the end of the table the word “Help” was written in liquid, then follow the culprits only to be ambushed, this is his intro to his travels. No matter the circumstance, he tries not to take a life with his blade. Gonkuro will find that some beg to feel his sword as the traveling hero encounters some fool-hearty villains along the way, but no one is too dangerous not to be dealt with and no one is too unworthy of his kindness.

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