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White-Collar Worker Kintaro

White-Collar Worker Kintaro


110 min

Country: Japan

Director: Takashi Miike

Actors: Katsunori TakahashiRenji Ishibashi…Tomorowo TaguchiYudai Ishiyama

Genres: Action, Thriller

Subtitle: English

2.63/ 5 2 votes
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Movie plot

Kintaro is a reformed delinquent, the former leader of a biker gang who has gone straight. Working at a construction company, his unorthodox tactics cause trouble with his colleagues. He is transferred to a tiny countryside branch, where he butts heads with his lazy superior until the two men discover a plot by the competition to put the construction company out of bussiness. With the help of his old biker friends, Kintaro prepares to confront the masterminds behind the scheme.

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