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Woman of the Afternoon: Incite!

Woman of the Afternoon: Incite! (1979)

昼下りの女 挑発!

69 min

Country: Japan

Director: Nobuyuki SaitôToshiharu Ikeda

Actors: Akiko HyûgaAkira TakahashiHidetoshi KageyamaNatsuko YashiroRebun HoriTamaki KomiyamaTaro IshiYudai IshiyamaYûko AsukaYumi Fukazawa

Genres: Drama, Pinku

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Yuki picks up a gay hitchhiker after leaving her husband’s house following an argument. When the hitchhiker discovers his boyfriend having sex with a woman, he decides to keep traveling with Yuki. They reach a diner, which is filled with scummy Deliverance rejects who proceed to rape and torture them.

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