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Yamazakura, The Cherry Tree in the Hills

Yamazakura, The Cherry Tree in the Hills (2008)


99 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tetsuo Shinohara

Actors: Ben HiuraFumi DanKôjun ItôNao MinamisawaNoriyuki HigashiyamaReina FujiiRena TanakaSumiko FujiTakahiro HōjōTetsuya Chiba

Genres: Drama, History

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Yamazakura, The Cherry Tree in the Hills | Based on a short story written by Shuhei Fujisawa (who also wrote Twilight Samurai, The Hidden Blade, Love and Honor), the film depicts the uneasy life of Noe Isomura (Rena Tanaka) with the difficult family she has married into after her former husband passed away. One day as she tries to brake off a branch of a cherry tree, she is aided by a samurai who she does not recognize but who recognizes her. He turns out to be a former suitor that she never met named Yaichiro Tezuka (Noriyuki Higashiyama) and who teaches swordsmanship to the local samurai. Meanwhile, the powerful new chief retainer of the village enacts land policies that threaten the survival of the local farmers.

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