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Yokai Monsters: 100 Monsters Trailer

Yokai Monsters: 100 Monsters (1968)


80 min

Country: Japan

Director: Kimiyoshi Yasuda

Actors: Hajime KoshikawaJun FujimakiJun HamamuraKeiko KoyanagiMasaru HiraizumiMiwa TakadaRyûtarô GomiShinobu ArakiTakashi KandaTatsuo Hananuno

Genres: Horror

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

A greedy developer, in league with a corrupt Shrine Magistrate, brutally tries to drive people out of a tenement building and destroy the shrine in back. But he makes the fatal mistake of hosting a 100 Ghost Stories ceremony without the closing cleansing ritual, opening the door for the Yokai Monsters to punish the wicked.

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