A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Bin Amatsu

Title Year
Brothers Serving Time
The Great Chase
The Sea of Genkai
The Ninja Hunt
Brave Red Flower of the North
Bloodiest Flower
Sister Street Fighter
A Scarred Life 2: Blood Will Tell
Prison Boss
Karate Warriors
Gambler’s Legacy
A Wad of Notes
A Scarred Life
The Domain: The Naniwa Story
Whipmaster: Ballad of Murder
Wicked Priest 2: Ballad of Murder
Snake Princess: Oshima and Sentaro
Red Peony Gambler: Biographies of a Gambling Room
Red Peony Gambler: Second Generation Ceremony
Crimson Bat, the Blind Swordswoman
The Fort of Death
Gambling Den Heist
Red Peony Gambler: Gambler’s Obligation
A Yakuza Goes Home
Contemporary Tales of Chivalry 4
Death on the Mountain
The Path of the King
The Karate Man and the Spy
The Magic Serpent
Red Peony Gambler: Flower Cards Game
Red Peony Gambler: Oryu’s Return
Sazen Tange and The Secret of the Urn
Ishimatsu, the Yakuza