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Crimson Bat, the Blind Swordswoman

Crimson Bat, the Blind Swordswoman (SD)

めくらのお市物語 真赤な流れ鳥

88 min

Country: Japan

Director: Sadatsugu MatsudaToshiro Hasebe

Actors: Akitake Kôno…Bin AmatsuChizuko AraiJun Tatara…Keiko KoyanagiKozo YamamuraMisako TominagaShin'ichi YanagisawaTakaya UesugiYōko Matsuyama

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

4.5/ 5 1 votes
Full Engsub
Movie plot

A young girl named Oichi is abandoned by her mother and blinded by a lightning strike. When her guardian is killed, she learns to wield a sword from a traveling ronin. As she develops into a master swordsman, her profession becomes that of a bounty hunter. Many test her sword and many die by her skills. She travels throughout the countryside to seek her mother and her revenge.

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