A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Keiko Okawa



Fighting Disposition
Sasaki Kojiro
Eleven Samurai
The Red Shadow
Festival of Swordsmen
Unwieldy Brothers
Roughneck From Asama
Hawk of the North
Echo in the Mountains
An Actor’s Revenge 1959
The Shogun’s Guard: Valor in Turbulence
An Edo Magistrate
Shingo’s Original Challenge, Part 3
Tales of Young Genji Kuro 3
The Sword Knows
Fighting Daimyo
Drenched Swallow Gonpachi
Hibari’s Favorite 2
Tange Sazen: Mystery of the Twin Dragons
A Spectacular Showdown
No Stronger Swords
Lord Mito 3: All Star Version
Evil Man of Edo
Case of Umon: Hell’s Windmill
Case of Umon: The Nanbanzame Murders
The Mansion of Intrigue
Tales of Young Genji Kuro 2
In Search of Mother
The Ako Retainers
Runway to Hell
Scarier than the Devil