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Case of Umon: Hell’s Windmill

Case of Umon: Hell’s Windmill (1960)

右門捕物帖 地獄の風車

84 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tadashi Sawashima

Actors: Chizuru KitagawaEmi ItôHaruo TanakaKeiko OkawaKôtarô SatomiKyôko AoyamaRyûtarô ÔtomoSatomi OkaShunji SakaiYumi Itô

Genres: Action

Subtitle: English

4.88/ 5 3 votes

14122021:fixed subtitle

Movie plot

Umon’s services are called upon when innocent bystanders, Kayo and Minokichi, along with the ronin, Gontaro are mistakenly identified as suspects in several recent murder cases. To prove their innocence and uncover the truth, Umon launches his own investigation.

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