A-Z list

Movie by Actor: Kunio Kaga



Heavenly Dragon
Festival of Swordsmen
Unwieldy Brothers
An Actor’s Revenge 1959
Seventeen Ninja
Sword of Destiny
The Forbidden Castle
The Shogun’s Guard, Shinsengumi
Official with a Tattoo
Law in Ghost Island
Cases of Hanshichi
A Young Rabble 2
The Swordsman and the Actress
Souls in the Moonlight II
Travels of Hibari and Chiemi
The Black Hooded Man 2
The Black Hooded Man
Road In the Mist
Drenched Swallow Gonpachi
Detective Hibari 4: Paper Crane Palanquin
A Young Warrior on Mount Fuji
The Edo Official and Apprentice
Hibari’s Favorite 2
Swordsman of the Two Sword Style
Ninja’s Weapon
Case of a Young Lord 1
Magistrate Toyama 3: The Whirlwind Magistrate
Goblin in Stirrups
Evil Man of Edo
Bride of Peacock Castle
The Third Ninja
Yagyu Military Art: Jubei’s Redemption