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Assignment Dragon No. 3

Assignment Dragon No. 3 (1967)

陸軍中野学校 竜三号指令

92 min

Country: Japan

Director: Tokuzô Tanaka

Actors: Daisuke KatôKayo MatsuoMichiyo YasudaRaizô IchikawaRyûzô ShimadaShogen NittaTakashi NakamuraYoshio InabaYûsuke TakitaYûzô Hayakawa

Genres: Action, Mystery, War

Subtitle: English

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Movie plot

Nakano School Collection

The School of Spies

June 4, 1966
Nakano Institution is the so-called ‘Spy School’ where many young men are trained to be excellent spies. They erase their names, families, even lovers to bury themselves in training. Jiro, one of the cadets, successfully seize the secret code of English army to pass the final exam. However, he reaches the crossroad when his fiancee Yukiko turns out to be a spy of the enemy.

Assignment Cloud

September 17, 1966
A sequel to the popular “The School of Spies”, this film continues the adventures of one of the graduates who is assigned to crack a powerful spy ring working out of Kobe. Various people are suspected but, finally, it seems that an Army captain and his geisha friend might lead them to the ring.

Assignment Dragon No. 3

January 3, 1967
In late 1940 the Japanese were anxious to conclude peace in China and to that end sent Colonel Hidaka to inaugurate negotiations. He was mysteriously assassinated, however, when his car was blown up. The General Staff Headquarters in Japan, sends Lieutenant Shiina, a graduate of the famed Nakano School of Spies inaugurated by Colonel Kusanagi, to investigate the matter. Arriving in Shanghai, he disguises himself as a Chinese coolie and sets out to watch for developments, the only clue being a silver dollar found beside what was left of the victim.

Secret Assignment

June 17, 1967
In the fourth film of series, Secret Assignment, Raizo again plays the Jiro Shiina. This time he’s out to discover who is spying for the British in the Foreign Ministry, under the code name “Cat’s Eye”.

The Night before Pearl Harbor

March 9, 1968
The last film in the series brings the tale to the doorstep of Pacific War, with the planning of the bombing of Pearl Harbor dominant in Nakano Spy School.

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